Scott Chase

Chase, Scott

Scott Chase

Executive Committee Past Chair

SCOTT CHASE is board-certified healthcare lawyer who has lived in Dallas since 1973.  He is on the board of Texas Art Collectors Organization (TACO), has served as Board Chair of the Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts a/k/a Turner House, and served on the boards and executive committees of Dallas Historical Society and Dallas Heritage Village.  He and his wife Debra Witter first became interested in Early Texas Art when they paid for cleaning of a Florence McClung work owned by Turner House and they have been collecting works by Texas artists, including works by The Dallas Nine, the Ft. Worth Circle, and living Texas artists, since 2005. 

Their collection includes works by Texas Regionalist artists such as Perry Nichols, Reveau Bassett, Edward Eisenlohr, Merritt Mauzey, Florence McClung, and Coreen Mary Spellman, Ft. Worth Circle artists Kelly Fearing, Bror Utter, Lia Quilty, and George Grammer, Texas sculptors James Surls, Octavio Medellin, and Michelle O’Michael, and living Texas artists, Randy Bacon, Mary Baxter, Jon Flaming, and Jeri Salter. 

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