2024 CASETA Sponsors


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 2024 CASETA Sponsors 

CASETA Symposium and Texas Art Fair

June 21-23, at the DoubleTree, Houston, Texas

Grand Underwriter

Heritage Auctions

John L. Nau, lll

Still Water Foundation


Media Sponsors




Cele and John Carpenter

The Gayden Family Foundation in honor of Mr. and Mrs. William K. Gayden

Marshall Meece



Alice and Charlie Adams

Ben Black and Sarah Foltz

Pamela Nelson Harte and Will Harte

Geralyn and Mark Kever

Patricia and Jeffrey Sone



Judy and Stephen Alton

Debra Witter and Scott Chase

Mary and Bill Cheek

Jill and Jim Cochran

Robin and J. Michael Lewis

Sharon and Ted Lusher

Beverly and George Palmer

Candyce and Lee Pfluger

Clay Huffard and Stan Price

Linda and William Reaves

Ashley and Ray Simpson, Simpson Galleries

Juliana Robledo and Sam Stevens

TACO, Texas Art Collectors Organization

Rebecca and Howard Taylor



Russ Aikman

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

Sandy and John Barnett

James F. Boynton, MD

Judy Youngblood and Daniel Butler

Bonnie Campbell

Judy and Jamey Clement

Gail and Jack Davis

Dawson Dawson-Watson Family

Beth and David Dike

Susan and Rob Dillard

Dow Art Galleries

Ann and Jeff Gardener

Cynthia Gayden

Cristiana and Ugo Ginatta

Susie and Mel Glasscock

June Hayes & Associates

Lisa Lipscomb and Brian Hill

Helen and Jon Houp

Theresa and Christian Kelleher

Tam and Tom Kiehnhoff

Mary and Rodney Koenig

Pam and Bob Leibrock

Larry Martin

Robert McBee

John Mark McLaughlin

Nancy and Bill Murchison

Nancy and Ted Paup

Kim and Noe Perez

Mac Shafer

Anne and Reed Shahan

Greg Shannon, MD

Beverly and Ben Stribling

Rick Bebermeyer and Randy Tibbits

Paula and Ron Tyler

Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden

Joseph McKeel and Sarah Beth Wilson



Mary H. Arno

Tod Bailey

Dolly and John Barclay

Victoria and Light Cummins

HETAG – Houston Earlier Texas Art Group

Cecily Horton

Veletta Forsythe Lill

Susan and Jim Lockhart

The Mexican American Museum of Texas

Ellen Niewyk

John L. Nugent

Connie and Samuel Pate

Karen and Sam Pemberton

Anne Reed

Sally and Norman Reynolds

Jason Schoen

Konrad Shields

Lias J. “Jeff” Steen

Michelle and Russell Tether

Melinda Valentine

Fred Vant Slot

Villa Finale Museum & Gardens

Micah and Craig Woodcook

William R. Woodward, MDB


 Institutional Partners

Amon Carter Museum of Fine Arts

The Beeville Art Museum

The Heritage Society, Houston

Friends of the Governor’s Mansion

Hibbs Family Foundation

Museum of the Big Bend

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

San Antonio Museum of Art


Media Sponsor



CASETA Board Members 2024

Charlie Adams

Caleb Bell

Paul Beuhler

Bonnie Campbell

Sue Canterbury

Scott Chase

Judy Deaton

Pamela Nelson Harte

Christian Kelleher

Mark Kever

George Palmer

Nancy Paup

Greg Shannon MD

Jeff Sone, Chair

Sarah Beth Wilson

Howard Taylor, Executive Director



CASETA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  You may mail your contribution to CASETA at PO Box 3726, San Angelo, TX  76902 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Howard Taylor, Executive Director, or email: [email protected]