Greg Shannon M.D.

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Greg Shannon M.D.

Greg Shannon, M.D.

Raised in Illinois, Dr. Shannon moved to Houston in 1996. A physician affiliated with Methodist Hospitaland Memorial Hermann among others, he specializes in therapeutic gastroenterology. Greg began collecting art about 14 years ago, but believes an interest in art always has been within him; even as a child, he was fascinating by paintings in his aunt’s house, and always chose to write book reports on Renaissance art.

While an eclectic collector – “I can never be someone who only collects one artist”, he is especially drawn to American art of the 20th and 21st centuries, including many early Texas artists such as John Biggers, Dorothy Hood, Kermit Oliver, Charles Schorre, and James Surls. More contemporary Texas artists represented in his collection include Trenton Doyle Hancock, Delita Martin, Robert Pruitt, and Murielle White.

Early on in his collecting, Greg first learned of the work of Kermit Oliver while visiting a gallery in search of another artist. Drawn to a particular example, Orpheus, he was not able to acquire it at that time, but when the gallery called three years later to say the painting was once again available, he did not hesitate to say yes; today, his collection includes many significant works by Oliver.

Actively involved in the Houston arts community, he serves on the board of the Houston Arts Alliance and supports many other organizations including the Art League of Houston. While his professional career and art collecting are important to him, he noted that what he enjoys most is “being a dad”.

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